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Title-Insurance Company Exposes 885 Million Records Online

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May 24 (Reuters) – U.S. real estate title insurance company First American Financial Corp said. which said First American’s website had exposed about 885 million files dating back to 2003. First.

Brian Krebs [The independent security journalist of US] On Friday, Mr.Krebs unveiled the real estate and title insurance with the huge First American, farm the US had nearly 885 million sensitive records of financial importance from back 2003, that were exposed to the public online with no such privacy deeds that anyone could access.

Title-Insurance Company Exposes 885 Million Records Online. Tom’s Guide – Paul Wagenseil. A leading American title-insurance provider’s website apparently failed to protect 885 million property-transaction records stored in an online.

First American Financial Exposed 885 Million Title Insurance Records Online. By. C. Edward Kelso -. The Fortune 500 real estate title company apparently leaked hundreds of millions of documents accrued over more than a decade and a half without knowing. Most such records have in recent years.

Nearly 885 million mortgage deal records were left exposed in a First american financial data leak. consumer Reports explains what happened and how to protect yourself.

. estate title insurance giant First American Financial Corp. that exposed more than 885 million personal and financial records tied to mortgage deals. saying an agency employee who had authorized to access the records copied the data [.]. troves of sensitive information, putting millions of people at risk of online fraud.

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First American site bug exposed 885 million sensitive title insurance records May 24, 2019 josh 0 Comments News just in from security reporter Brian Krebs: Fortune 500 real estate insurance giant First american exposed approximately 885 million sensitive records because of a bug in its website.

First american financial corp. leaked Hundreds of Millions of Title Insurance Records.. Web site exposed approximately 885 million files, the earliest dating back more than 16 years.

First American Title Insurance Co. was hit on Monday with the first of what is expected to be a growing number of lawsuits over a security flaw revealed last week that had exposed an estimated 885.

News just in from security reporter Brian Krebs: Fortune 500 real estate insurance giant First American exposed approximately 885 million sensitive records because of a bug in its website. Krebs reported that the company’s website was storing and leaking bank account numbers, statements, mortgage an