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Weak May Jobs Growth Keeps Mortgage Rates Insanely Low

Also, the U.S. economy added 75,000 jobs in May. This is the second time in four months that job growth hit less than the 1,00,000 mark. Wage growth rate also slowed down last month.

Gold rallied on the prospect of low rates and a weak U.S. dollar DXY, -0.13% , bond yields fell across the board, and now it seems over but for the Fed’s inevitable-but-always-cryptic press.

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Job Growth Surged In June.. well over the expected 170,000 jobs added. Also, May’s actual jobs growth has now been revised from 138,000 jobs added to 152,000.. Mortgage rates change every day, and the jobs report is a factor that leads to changing mortgage rates.

WASHINGTON (CBS.MW) — Weak job growth in July fueled fears on Friday that the fragile U.S. economy might dip back into recession. Job growth stalled in July, with just 6,000 net jobs added, the.

Thus, weakness in the housing market is helping to keep mortgage rates in check. link The article Weak Housing Market Keeps Mortgage Rate Rises in Check originally appeared on Fool.com.

“The Wisconsin economy is very strong, with robust job growth. rising rates may seem like bad news to homebuyers, in the long run these increases will control inflation. “If the Fed can keep.

 · Why interest rates may stay very low for a lot longer. anemic economic growth, minimal inflation and low interest. a benchmark for other long-term interest rates including mortgage rates.

“Housing credit growth slowed further. The gbp/usd pair retreats from multi-day tops of 1.2581, as weak UK data-led BOE rate cut bets and Brexit worries keep the pound under pressure. Focus on UK.

Making the top ten represents a massive improvement for this metropolitan area, which placed 217th last year. A surge in job creation is the big reason. Year-over-year job growth jumped from 800 to 9,100 and, as a result, the growth rate of the local job market rose from 0.3 percent to 3.3 percent.

The Mortgage Myth Stopping 1 in 3 People from Trying to Buy a Home – Cory Segall BNP Wouldn’t Be Interested in Commerzbank, Chairman Lemierre Says BNP Wouldn’t Be Interested in Commerzbank, Chairman Lemierre Says. bloomberg. jean lemierre, chairman at BNP Paribas, discusses the need for a European banking sector, the prospect of pursuing Commerzbank AG, and what is needed.Here are 3 mortgage myths you should not believe: Myth #1: A Good income means good loan terms. Anyone who has tried to get a mortgage as a self-employed person knows that it’s far from easy to get a good loan rate, no matter your income. When I bought my home four years ago, before the mortgage market crisis, I had to go through an income.

Weak May Jobs Growth Keeps Mortgage Rates Insanely Low. year fixed rates are insanely low at 3.82%. This Freddie Mac rate data hits each Thursday and looks back one week, so these rates (which.