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AOC’s Dumb Economics And Dangerous Politics

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“Trump and the slowing economy: A wounded tiger is a dangerous tiger,” read the headline. and are even somewhat bullish on their personal economic future. Arguing with the voters is a dumb strategy.

"By not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his FBI employment, and by using it to create public pressure for official action, Comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current FBI employees-and the many thousands more former FBI employees-who similarly have access to or knowledge of non-public.

And so an individual who is quite likely infirm or unstable and who has politics as sophisticated as those of a bored and spoiled child frying ants with a magnifying glass is in nominal control of the.

She isnt wiser than her years or wielding power dangerously, she simply grew up in a generation that, outside of the alt-right, has a better understandin of history, politics, amd economics than the dinosaurs who run the world. That said, while mu.

If AOC ever took an economics class, It was taught by another socialist. Or, she failed miserably. Or, the class was graded on a curve and the rest of her class was as foolish as she is. But to be honest, I’m less concerned with her dumb economics than I am with her dangerous politics.

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But bureaucratic roadblocks, indifference from county sheriffs and critical errors in planning by local officials have meant.

Bloomberg: Quicken Chairman Dan Gilbert resting comfortably after stroke Dan Gilbert, the billionaire founder and chairman of Quicken Loans, the largest U.S. mortgage lender, is "awake, responsive and resting comfortably," after suffering a stroke on Sunday, according to Bloomberg News. "Dan was not feeling well Sunday morning so he was taken to the hospital by a family friend," Quicken Loans chief executive officer Jay.

Golly, but it’s gonna be harder to fund their third trimester abortion clinics, and the free social services in their sanctuary cities now. And AOC has shown anyone with half a brain that she, and her Socialist Democrat sandbox playmates, are not only dumber than rocks, but dangerous to the economic health of their own supporters.

If it were not him, it would be some other jobbing demagogue with the dumb luck to be here now. a sizeable class of people who feel frozen out by mainstream politics and its economic orthodoxies.

First of all: Europeans don’t have any agreed upon opinions that everyone shares and even if we could agree on such an opinion, this is not what it would be. Most Europeans realize that America is inhabited by 320 million people, who have the abil.