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How to Apply for Utunzi Loan

About Utunzi. Reports can be made anonymously or if an individual is requesting assistance can be made with a mobile number, email address, Twitter or Facebook account. Reports and requests for assistance are then received by the Utunzi team and responded to directly or through referrals to organizations on the ground.

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Okolea joins other established money lending apps in the market such as Tala, Branch, Saida, Utunzi and Jazika. text messages, and call logs. loan application and disbursement has been truly.

Enter this number ‘ 800950’ (this is Utunzi Ventures pay-bill number) select the Account number; In the account number enter your phone number; Enter the Amount (which is the amount of loan owed) Then press OK; Contacts: This is how an applicant can communicate with the Utunzi ventures;

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utunzi loan app windows 8 Dec 06, 2018 The best news about most of these apps is that anyone can access loans in Kenya without security. If you wish to access instant online loans in Kenya, download any of the following apps: Best Loan Apps in Kenya – Instant Unsecured Mobile Phone Loan Apps 1.

Haraka loan should be paid within 30 days or rather a month. 9. utunzi loan App. Utunzi offers low-interest loans with a flexible repayment plan. Utunzi has more than 100,000 + downloads on Playstore with a 3.2 rating. It offers loans amounting from as low as Ksh 300 to as high as Ksh 300,000 with a 12% interest rate.

Home Tags Posts tagged with "Utunzi Loan App Download" Utunzi Loan App Download. Business Best Loan Apps in Kenya – Instant Unsecured Mobile Phone Loan Apps.. Apply for TSC Job Vacancies and Recruitment 2019 for 5,000 Positions this month January 30, 2019. 11.

With a good credit history on is assured of a loan within a few minutes of application and submission of the required about yourself. Kenya as the best country in Africa in use of technology is the best place for this mobile loan apps to thrive.

After downloading and installing the loan app on your phone, it is time to get that instant loan. Below are the steps for Utunzi loan application online: Login into your Utunzi account; Then choose the ‘Apply for a loan.’ Enter the amount of money you wish to borrow; Answer the questions you are required to answer as honestly as possible