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Looking for work? This Sacramento job fair is geared toward recent college grads

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Sample Resume for an Entry-Level Research Scientist If you’re looking for research scientist jobs, a well-researched resume is vital to your search, says resume expert Kim Isaacs. Study this sample resume for a research scientist she created to see how you can emphasize your educational credentials and relevant experience.

2 Why Attend a Career Fair? College job fairs are beneficial to students for a range of reasons that aren’t limited to getting a job or internship offer. While that may be the end goal, there are plenty of other opportunities to be found at these events.

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CareerRookie – A division of CareerBuilder, the largest online career website in the U.S., CareerRookie is a job and internship search site designed specifically for students and recent grads. College Central – Students can search their colleges’ job databases as well as College Central’s national job database.

Director of NC State’s Entrepreneurship Clinic gives students head start on success Rosenberg, an Arizona native who earned the Kenneth D. and Wanda B. franklin ise merit scholarship, said he was drawn to NC State because of the university’s "extraordinary support structure for entrepreneurship" and faculty members who actively engage undergraduate students in research.Perspective | Here’s what people think about retiring early and Trump’s tariff threats dragging down stocks Welcome, and thank you for choosing Accurint, a service of LexisNexis Risk Solutions. To help you maximize the benefit of your new Accurint service and quickly get started, we offer a variety of helpful support resources listed below.

 · The primary challenge in an interview for an entry-level job is proving to an employer that you have as much potential as other early-career candidates who may have actual work experience. Focus on your training and on proving that you possess the major qualifications for employment listed in your interviewers’ job listing.

Should College Grads Have to Work Harder at Job Interviews? Users can read career articles geared toward recent college graduates and search jobs by college major. In addition, users can take a look at the blogs specifically written for recruiters to get insight into what looks great on a resume.

My current employer is a community college, and they don’t use the big job boards, at least not here in the library. We recently hired a part time reference librarian, and the job was posted on the college’s website and ran on a library journal’s website. Our new interim dean also reached out to her library school for potential candidates.

Her Campus talked to career experts to bring you four awesome tips for how to follow up with potential employers after a big schmooze. When to Follow Up. Don’t hesitate! Vicki Salemi, founder of Career Boot Camp for College Grads, recommends contacting a potential employer right away, while you’re still fresh in their mind.

Their hosts were three men, each around 30 years old: an ex-NFL quarterback; a kicker-turned-MBA/college coach; and a former FBI agent. QBs are tasked to do the bulk of their work from essentially.