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Move over Seattle — Tri-Cities is Northwest’s hottest housing market

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Let’s have a look at the latest data from the Case-Shiller Home Price Index. According to March data that was released this morning, Seattle-area home prices were: Up 2.6 percent February to March Up 12.3 percent year-over-year. Up 12.7 percent from the July 2007 peak Over the same period last year prices were up 2.4 percent month-over-month and year-over-year prices were up 10.9 percent.

That represents an 8.3 percent increase with various fluctuations over. housing because that shows that the city is attracting economic growth and investment. Seattle’s not the only bright spot. My.

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The hottest housing market of 2017. It helps that Starbucks is also headquartered in Seattle and Microsoft’s home is in nearby Redmond, Wash. Microsoft recently revealed multibillion-dollar plans to redevelop its 500-acre campus. Last year, Amazon had the most job postings in Seattle with 19,766 openings to fill,

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Move over Seattle – Tri-Cities is Northwest’s hottest housing market The National Association of Realtors ranks the Tri-Cities the 18th hottest residential real estate market in August, based on how quickly homes sell and the number of views listings receive.

He actually played a game with the AFL’s San Antonio Talons after Tri-Cities’ season was over last. They offer the best amenities, the best housing in the league.” In a perfect world, all three.

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Seattle remains nation’s hottest housing market for a full year as home prices rise more than 2x national rate. Seattle home values in August 2017 rose 13.2 percent from August 2016. The region’s home prices grew more than double the national rate, of 6.1 percent. No other metro region even broke 10 percent. Following Seattle is Las Vegas with a year-over-year increase of 8.6 percent, trailed by San Diego at 7.8 percent.

When it comes to generating headlines, the Seattle-area real estate market has had the lion’s share in recent years. But there have been major changes in Spokane as well, including double-digit home price gains over the last year alone.Here are the latest trends and forecasts for the housing market in Spokane, Washington.