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Should a Reverse Mortgage Be Part of My Retirement Plan?

In other words, using a reverse mortgage as part of a retirement plan, rather than as a last resort once all else has failed. The BCCRR paper I mentioned earlier has a good example comparing a trade-down to a reverse mortgage, but trading down is an option you should also discuss with a reverse mortgage counselor.

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With retirement looming. taking out a reverse mortgage could add to the problem. Don’t forget you’re reducing your home’s equity, which is important if you plan to leave the property behind as part.

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Wade Pfau, a Professor of Retirement Income and Director of McLean Asset Management, supports the idea of getting a HECM reverse mortgage with a line of credit sooner rather than later. In other words, using a reverse mortgage as part of a retirement plan, rather than as a last resort once all else has failed.

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For retirees whose main asset is their house, a reverse mortgage can look very attractive. But is it a smart move? Dear Penny: Is a Reverse Mortgage Ever a Good Idea?

How to use a reverse mortgage to protect your retirement income. In his study, Pfau examined six ways to use a reverse mortgage as part of retirement-income plan and the upshot is that homeowners now have a framework for deciding which strategy might be best for them.

However, you could make the argument that home equity planning is more fundamental to financial planning than long-term care planning. financial planners should consider reverse mortgages as part of a retirement plan While financial planners may not recommend reverse mortgages to all their clients,